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July 18, 2013
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“Sis???” I thought to myself, “If I’m her sister, then that must be my brother.” “If she’s calling me sister, then she must not remember the change.” I said to my mother as we both stepped out of the car. My sister walked up and gave me a hug, she was taller than me, but by very little. She was gorgeous too, maybe even more so than myself. She pulled away and looked at me right in the eyes, “It’s been way too long little sis, really glad to see you!” then she kissed me on the cheek, “love you.” I tried my hardest to look happy, but I was still really confused inside. Then again I did feel this small bit of happiness growing deep down inside myself, filling me with warmness. It was a new relationship I’m in now, the one between sisters instead of brothers. She walked over to my mother and gave her a hug as well. “This is where we’re moving” she said as she gestured over to her house and the man in the door. “The man in the door,” I said in my head just remembering him. He walked out of the door and to my mom and I. He put his arm around my sister and smiled, “I’ll be glad to move most of the things in your car, thank you SO much for bringing it here.” He said kindly. Then I made the connection, he was my brother’s girlfriend, or at least used to be. Now he was the biggest out of all of us. My mother was handling this whole situation very well, like nothing was wrong to her, but I could see it, she was as shocked as I was. We began to take some things out of our car into the house. I was yet again reminded of my new found weakness. I ended up just taking a small box of delicates. We all made our way into the house with me in the back. As we unloaded all the boxes my sister’s boyfriend called out, “Hey lazy idiots we’ve got stuff to move!” I heard a rustling at the other end of the house and then two boys appeared. One much younger than me, but then there was one behind him. He came out of the hallway and looked right to me. “Bigger idiot brother this is my girl’s little sister, treat her nicely or you will regret it,” My sister’s boyfriend said jokingly as he introduced us. As he walked up I couldn’t explain it, my stomach filled with butterflies. I couldn’t explain what was happening, but I got really shy and I blushed. “Don’t worry, she’s way too pretty to even think about being mean to.” He said while he stared right into my eyes. I fainted.
Part 6 of the Dreamcatcher series. In the next one there will be a vote needed to be taken. Make sure to look for it and not miss out on making a huge decision in the series!

Links to all the parts:
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what are the two boys to the boyfriend? are they his sons or his brothers or neither? plus i really like the story!
Dartmuth Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow, did I forget to put that in, they're supposed to be little brothers. Glad to hear it though thanks for noticing! Tonight at around 8 PM part seven will be put up and there will be a vote that needs to be taken so look out for that!
thanks for clearing that up!
Dartmuth Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No problem, I tried to fix it in the story, hopefully no one else will have the problem.
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