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“What in the world?” I heard my mother say in the other room while I was still in the bathroom. She walked in with a little cute dress held out in her hands. “I don’t know what’s going on, but all of your clothes have changed, there are bras and panties in there too.” I looked back at her incredibly confused. “So wait, all my clothes are changed into girly clothes too, I wonder how far the effects of whatever’s happened have spread through my life?” I then ran to my bed and picked up my phone and sure enough the background wasn’t as I had left it, it was a pink background with a bow tied in the middle like a present. My mom picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt for me to wear along with some unmentionables. I thanked her and went to change. When I went into the bathroom this time I shut the door and locked it behind me. I was actually getting excited at the idea of seeing myself naked. I took off my clothes I had on and just stood there. It was like looking at a playboy, I was sexy. I began to explore my body and feel every curve. I was so much smaller than before. I had to have lost almost a foot of height and around 80 pounds of weight. Every inch of my body was without flaw and silky smooth. I decided that I shouldn’t explore too much though, my mom was in the room right outside. I dressed myself with a surprising normalcy to handling my bra and panties. Putting on my shoes was quite a shock though, I had an average man’s foot, now my feet were tiny and girly, even my toenails were painted too. I walked out of the bathroom and went ahead and picked up my bag with my clothes in it and went to the door. I was ready to leave and after my mom complementing me on how I looked and how great my attitude was she got her things and went to the car with me. When we got in I decided to go ahead and keep driving, the problem was that I could hardly reach the pedals and the steering wheel. I looked miniature in comparison to where I used to need all the room to drive comfortably. After I adjusted the seat and got into positing I had a hard time getting going, I was still so out of it from having my entire being change overnight, so I decided to let my mother drive. As I sat in the passenger seat my mind wandered, but I found myself thinking of weird things, things a guy usually shouldn’t think of, like how cute some cars were and how I wish I could recoat my nails. I kept on shaking these thoughts, but they just kept coming back. Eventually we got to a clothing store and decided to go in. My new self was in heaven, I was in love with the clothes and the way they made me look. We tried on so many I lost count. In the end I’m pretty sure I cleaned out my mother’s wallet, but she was so happy with the way I was dealing with this new situation she didn’t seem to care. I put on a summer dress and some flat soles and we were on our way to California, little did I know that the change spread all the way there.
The 4th part of my Dreamcatcher series! Hoping to do around 3 more. Please comment if you like the series or my new name. Comment if you don't either, feedback helps me become a better me, no matter what kind.
PS: Congrats to everyone who helped me get to 60,000 page views, it really does mean a lot. I'm going to do my best to keep posting regularly like this, which is highly unlikely, but I will try nonetheless. I'll probably end up doing something around one a week if I can.

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July 17, 2013
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