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“Yeah sure, I’ll just be looking around over here,” I told my mom as she walked to the restroom. We were on a road trip to visit my brother In California and we had stopped at an Indian Trading Post store right off of the Interstate. It was nice to spread our legs and we needed a bathroom break. I browsed around not looking for anything and everything. It wasn’t really in my interest to buy some random souvenir however cool some of them may have been. I ended up getting drawn to one in particular though; it just seemed to grab my attention. It was this dream catcher with all sorts of different colors and a interesting design. I picked it up and it seemed to have warmth to it that the store didn’t. “Someone else must have just picked this up,” I thought. I started to pull on some of the strings idly not realizing that they weren’t able to stretch as much as I was making them. Then finally one snapped. “Oh god, this thing is like 30 bucks, I can’t afford to just break this,” I worried in my head. I quietly and softly placed it back were it was, heart pounding and head hoping no one saw me break the dream catcher. Thankfully it seemed that no one caught me and I just walked away like nothing had happened. As I came to the restrooms my mother came out, ”Find anything interesting?” she asked. “No, not really,” I responded scratching the back of my head hoping she didn’t read my lie. She didn’t thankfully, but she did go on through the store and look at some things, including the broken dream catcher, “Who would do this, just break a nice little dream catcher that some Indian has made, haven’t we screwed them enough,” she said with a bit of chuckle, however true her remark was. “It was probably some little kid messing around and didn’t realize how important what he had just done was,” I said as I stared off into the distance, trying to avoid looking right at my mistake, also, completely unaware of how true a thing My mother, being the just lady she was, took the dream catcher and bought it. Now I had a constant reminder that I messed up, but we had bought and made up for me just breaking it and trying to leave. We continued on the road, but it was a long journey. We lived in New Jersey so there was no way we were going to get across the entire country in one day of driving. We managed to make it about halfway though, with the only real stop being the one in the Indian Trading Post. We pulled into some motel off the interstate and grabbed a cheap two person room. We both settled in for a well deserved sleep, we had both driven a long way. As I pulled the covers over myself my mom took the dream catcher and hung it above my bead with a little laugh, knowing that neither one of us believed they worked. When she did this I threw the covers over myself, playing like I was really embarrassed. The next morning I woke up I was incredibly groggy, it felt like I had almost not slept at all. I could here my mother moving around in the motel, most likely cleaning up after her and myself. I turned over in the bed hoping to get a more comfortable position on my stomach, but when I did it felt like there were two squishy balls attached to my chest and it hurt.
I was up in a cabin in the woods without any internet and just kind of wrote this. It's inspired by a roadtrip I took to get to said cabin.

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July 14, 2013
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