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Mitch had been feeling under the weather for the past few days and didn't want to believe that he was actually sick. He also was lacking the money to be sick considering the price of just buying a hospital bed for a few days. He dealt with is ailments as he always did, he took pills like they were candy and drank enough water to satisfy an elephant. This would usually work, it kept him feeling "good" and flushed out the bad. This time, on the other hand, was different, because the sickness was different.
Mitch sat in front of his TV when a sudden urge to use the restroom hit him. He immediately got up and went to the restroom, but when he got to the toilet he proceeded to sit, not stand, to pee. He didn't even notice until he sat back down on his couch at how natural it felt. He didn't think much past it, just that he should make sure not to do it again.
Mitch was then again hit with a sudden urge to use his restroom. He stood up, but that was as far as his legs were going to take him. His legs began to shake as his ears started to ring. His vision was hazy, and he could hardly move his body. He plummeted to the ground, unable to stop himself. He tried to pull himself up, but failed. Mitch reached into his pocket, shakily pulling out his phone. He raised it to his head and tried his hardest to dial 911. After many attempts he got the numbers, and phoned for help as he faded away.
"HOW'S HIS BP?" said a figure running beside Mitch as he lay in a rolling hospital bed. "STEADY," said a voice back. "HEART RATE?" "A BIT FAST, BUT NOTHING WE CAN'T HANDLE FOR A WHILE." The two voices yelled back at each other, and during all this Mitch was in a daze, he had no idea as to what was happening, but after a minute or two of coming to, he realized he was in a hospital.
The room that Mitch lay in wasn't like just any hospital room, it seemed even emptier and a bit less homely, if that was possible. Without any clue as to if he was okay or not he proceeded to rise up in his bed, only to be forced back down by an incredible shot of pain in his side. He looked down, but he was rigged up with too many plugs to really see what the pain was, he could at least tell there was no blood.
A man in a yellow suit walked in, and looked at Mitch in awe. "Oh, you're awake, fantastic." He said this halfheartedly, as if contact with Mitch wasn't exactly what he wanted. "What's going on, and why are you wearing that big radiation suit?" asked a fearful Mitch. "Well, you see, you seem to have contracted a unknown disease. Now don't be alarmed, your vital signs are good and there are no immediate threats to your health." Mitch looked in terror, not because of the fact that they didn't know what was wrong with him, but because it takes quite a few tests to tell if have something or not, and if they'd ruled out all possibilities and quarantined him, it meant that he's been out for a while, and had a lot of expensive tests performed. If they have had enough time to do all of these tests then that means he's probably lost his job, or at least that's where Mitch's mind went, it went to panic. "So what do I do?" asked Mitch. "All you need to do is rest, and not to spit on anyone," the man in the suit let out a little laugh with the last comment, and Mitch smiled along. "I'll just be checking your signs for the next few days and recording them, nothing to much, and only once every hour." Said the man. Mitch lay back down and sighed, if there was no stopping this, why not enjoy some time away from the world he thought.
Mitch had a dream that night, a dream of him not being him. He was in his hospital bed, but he wasn't a he, he was a she. She stood up, and walked over to the table in the room that had clothes on it, women's clothes. She pulled up a pair of panties, a bra, some dark jeans, and a deep V-neck shirt. She walked into the bathroom, and shut the door behind her. She looked in the mirror, and to Mitch's amazement the woman's body he was in, or at least looking through, was gorgeous. As this dream was occurring though, real life wasn't far behind. Mitch's real body contorted and reshaped under the covers of the hospital bed. His feet shrank, and his legs lost weight. His body hair started to fall out, and his hips jutted out. His penis began to shrink and his male organ were reshaping themselves. His waist slimmed as his chest expanded. His shoulders crunched inwards and his arms thinned out. His hands became dainty and feminine as his skin started to smooth all around his body. His penis then finished it's transformation and was replaced with a fresh vagina. His head changed, his hair cascaded down and darkened to black. His eyebrows thinned, his eyes slanted, and his nose shrank. His cheekbones rose, and finally his lips puffed out. During all of this Mitch was still in awe of this woman's beauty, maybe it was because the woman looked startlingly familiar. He was not sure though, of how he created this entire person in his brain, usually he couldn't think up an imaginary creature, let alone a woman in her entirety as he was seeing her. He didn't notice, but he began to control the woman's movements, he was placing her clothes on, and he didn't stop to ogle, like he had seen it too many times. His mind was changing as he changed in the dream. Memories slipping, new ones filling their places.
The next morning Mitch woke up, she felt odd, but not out of sorts. She looked around her, wondering where she was, but at the same time she knew. Her head was utterly confused, and didn't have any way of coping. She began to just rip the cords and needles from her arms. She stood up, but felt like it was the first time she ever stood on her own two legs. She walked to the bathroom to take care of her morning business, her head still trying to figure out if anything was how it's supposed to be. She sat down to pee, and finished, just as any woman would. But as she walked past the mirror, something clicked on in her head, and it let Mitch out. She looked around frightened as to what was going on. She looked down, and saw two lumps on her chest, she grabbed them, only to notice her hands were not how they were either. She pulled them up to examine them closer, but saw past them into the mirror, and saw her new reflection. "Oh my god, look at me, I'm Olivia Wilde!"
This is a two parter, so make sure to check out part two if you like mental change. Please tell me if I made a mistake anywhere, I was incredibly tired when I wrote this, and did not do a good proof reading job I'm sure. Commission done for demisword.

Link to part 2- [link]
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