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Mitch had fallen on hard times. He wasn't eating out of a garbage can or anything, but his income was much less than sufficient to live a decent life. He had started to try every which way to get extra money, odd jobs and the like. Eventually he gave up and went looking to the lottery for hope. Mitch honestly had never done a single lottery ticket nor had he any idea how it really worked, but he was desperate.
Mitch went into his local GT Seirots gas station for a ticket. He went up to the counter of the store and was greeted by a gorgeous woman. She was beyond description, he couldn't believe she was working at a gas station, even one as nice as Seirots. "Do you have any lottery tickets?" Mitch said shyly, regretting saying that because now she must know that he is new at this. "Oh sure right over here," replied the woman in the most sultry voice he had ever heard. Mitch followed her down the counter to the little lottery ticket center. There were a million of them he thought, some for no money and offering just about the same and then some that proclaimed a million dollar jackpot. "Which one of these looks the best?" Mitch said and instantly regretted again because if there was any sliver of a chance that she didn't know he was new at this he just squelched it. She giggled and kind of glanced over the tickets, but she didn't pick one of the ones Mitch saw, she bent down and pulled one out from the bottom of the counter. She looked intently at Mitch, staring right into him, but all Mitch could see was her beautiful eyes. "This one will be perfect for you," she said with a smirk. Mitch reached out for it when she said, "also, it's on the house sweety," "really?" Mitch replied a little confused, "Yeah, and I promise you you won't come back again," Mitch looked at her, then the card, trying to think everything through and make sure he wasn't being tricked. He found no reason to disbelieve the woman so he took the card made his way back to his house.
When Mitch got inside he instantly ran and got a quarter to scratch off his card. He started to read the directions, "Scratch all the circles, and if all of them have GT under them then you win the life of a celebrity," they read. Mitch began franticly scratching all the circles and to his amazement the first 6 were GT's, he only had three more to go and his heart was racing, he started to ponder what he would do if he had the money of a celebrity. First thing was first though, he scratched of two more both read GT, this was it. Mitch slowly scratched off the final circle and under it was something more beautiful than even the counter girl, it was another GT. Mitch was ecstatic, he was jumping up and down and couldn't believe he had won.
Mitch started to feel a little lightheaded, but assumed it was just from jumping and all the excitement, so he sat down. He didn't start to feel better, in fact it was getting worse. Mitch tried to take deep breaths and relax, but it was futile, he passed out. When he did, his body began to change rapidly. His arms and hands thinned down and became very feminine and dainty. His legs lost their hair and became more feminine and shapely. His feet drastically shrank and feminized while his hips shot out and his waist shrank. His penis shrank inwards and was replaced with a vagina as his chest expanded. His shoulders shrank as his newly formed breasts finished growing. His head began to shrink as hair shot out and darkened while his face became much more attractive and feminine. Then his clothes morphed into a small blue dress and makeup appeared on his face. The room around began to change as well, changing from a dinky little apartment into a mansion.
When she awoke she was sitting in a fancy couch in a millionaire's house, "It worked!" she thought, but as she sat up, still unaware of the changes, she saw a bouquet of flowers. She leaned in to smell it and as she did her mind began to change. Mitch was replaced with the thoughts of Jessica Biel, a famous actress. She noticed a letter in the bouquet, it read, "Hey Jessica…"
Yet another commission for demisword. Sorry for the wait, tough week of school.
demisword Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Great job. Once again you put your own unique twist that helps everything flow quicker and smoother.
fares002 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
good job
Dartmuth Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you
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