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       “GOSH DANGIT!” Mitch exclaimed, throwing himself onto his couch in mix of anger and disappointment. He was a bit down on his luck lately in the acting business, nothing seemed to go his way and just then he had heard that the part he had auditioned for most recently was just taken. He was a good actor, he knew that much. He was praised for accomplishments in school plays and even secured a part in more than one highly rated movie. He had no idea as to why this was happening to him, but it was and he couldn’t get out of his lull.
Just then though, as he lay defeated on his couch, he received a call from an unknown number. “Hello,” Mitch said with a audibly defeated tone. “HELLO, How are you Mitch?” responded a high pitched yet powerful woman’s voice. “Uhm... I’m good, who is this?” he said now curious as to the fact that he mustn't have known this woman, especially not with a voice as distinctive as hers. “I’m Nicole, and I’m calling on part of Seirots Studios!” said the woman on the phone still keeping with her perky voice. “SEIROTS!? *cough* I mean... yeah, Seirots,” Mitch felt so embarrassed now, Seirots being one of the largest video production companies in the world he was overjoyed but didn’t wish to show it so blatantly. “*giggle* yes Mitch, Seirots, and guess what sweetheart, we’re interested in you being the main role in our newest television show! You even get to be with Alison Brie.” she responded. “REALLY? When do I audition or come in or try out or get tested or...” “Calm down honey, there’s no audition, we’ve seen your acting and we know that you would be great for this role, come on down to Demi St. at three today,” she cut off Mitch. “Three? Subtracting the drive there that only gives me five minutes to get ready,” Mitch said now beginning to fill with worry. “That’s fine honey, we’ve got a team here to get you ready for the rehearsal to day, now hurry on down sweety *click*” She responded to assure Mitch all was well.
Mitch came into the front of the building, eager as he could be. There was a woman at the front desk, “Oh Mitch just in time, better hurry up to floor 7, that’s where they’ll prep you.” said the woman. “Nicole?” Mitch said stunned at how beautiful the woman at the desk was. Long red hair, blue eyes, and plenty in all the right places. “Thats’ me, but you have to go honey!,” she answered in a hurried tone. She guided Mitch to the elevator and even hit the button for him. She winked at him as the doors closed, “Man is she something,” Mitch thought to himself. The elevator ticked up and up, and so did his heartbeat. He had a locked in position in a show that a company like Seirots was running, the people who hadn’t a bad show for a decade.
The doors pulled away and he was greeted by a very attractive yet slightly mysterious woman wearing a very revealing black top and black short shorts. “Come in Mitch, we have MUTCH work to do,” said this woman with a thick Russian accent. She grabbed Mitch’s arm and led him to a hairdresser's chair. “Sit back and relax, there might be a prick or two but don’t worry yourself they won’t hurt too bad.” She said, almost hard to understand. Mitch’s heart was thumping so fast. This was his big chance, never had he been given a role in a TV show, he didn’t even care if the show was good, as long as it lasted long enough to get his name out there. “AH!” Mitch yelped as he felt something like a needle enter the back of his arm. “I told you there would be a prick or two, now stop squirming.” commanded the Russian woman. Mitch wondered what that could have been. Maybe just pulling an extra long arm hair or something he thought. He relaxed again, letting his dreams of becoming a big time actor fill his head, but there was something odd about them this time, something slightly offsetting. “AH! What are you doing?!” Mitch demanded after another needle like pain hit his leg. “Don’t be such a baby, I’m making you look presentable for your role, now lay your head back again so that I can finish,” said the Russian woman obviously annoyed by Mitch’s yelps. Mitch grumbled about her under his breath but did as she told him and laid his head back again.
Mitch just laid there trying to figure out why his dream felt so wrong. Then it hit him, it was his body. In most of his dreams he was in the first person and every time he just seemed to be doing the wrong things. He was looking at a man and crying in one of them and the man seemed to be getting really close to him, uncomfortably close. Then the next he saw them, breasts on his chest. He was taken aback by this, never had he dreamed of being an actress, but now he was, on such an important day for him too. Mitch’s mind wasn’t the only thing that wasn’t normal. His body was changing too. All of his body was falling out of him onto the floor below while his body was shrinking. His skin began to smooth while his hips expanded and his chest began to expand. His privates began to tingle, but Mitch was locked away in his own head trying to deal with his new mental state. His hair shot out as his face rearranged itself into a much more feminine appearance. As his chest chest finished expanding his crotch finished its changes as well, turning into a new womanly slit.
Mitch sat in the chair, practically locked away in thought though. Everything that she knew seemed to be changing, like her thoughts were being deleted and new ones were being put into their place. She thought back to last role in a movie she had. She knew she was the main characters buddy, but when she tried to remember it she couldn’t help but think about how hot he was. Mitch was shocked as to what was going on in her mind. “What’s happening to me?” she thought, not even realising that her inner voice was now completely different. She just lay there, fighting her own brain while the Russian makeup artist and her assistants changed her clothes and applied her makeup.
Mitch’s mental state was getting out of her control, she stopped thinking about girls and more about men, not only that, but she was also thinking back to Nicole. Instead of remembering her amazing body Mitch was thinking about the cute blue dress Nicole was wearing. This was too much for her. As the changes finished she forgot what her name was. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed to wake herself out of her mental struggle. The Russian woman came up to Mitch as she sat, hunched over breathing heavily. “Allison?” she asked in her thick accent. “Alli.... that’s me, and I’m here to be in your newest show... NONONONO, I’m not Alison, I’m... I’m not Alison.” Alison halted and thought deeply about herself and her memories, “I know I’m not Alison, but I don’t know who I really am, I have these memories of things I’ve done, I was a man in these memories, not this!” as she gestured to her entire body, “It’s like who I am is on the tip of my tongue but the wrong answer keeps coming out and it’s that I’m this Alison woman you keep insisting that’s me.” “That’s because you weren’t Alison, but now you are her, and you will be forever.” said the Russian woman. Alison raised her head and looked deep into the woman’s eyes, then stared at her outstretched hands, they weren’t hers, but they were, her mind was so jumbled. She looked around the room trying to see if there was something of her old self, but her eyes met with a mirror and she just stared into herself. The more she looked the more comfortable she felt, like nothing really mattered, she was still herself, just a different gender. She began to forget what she was so worked up about, she didn’t forget her old self, but she wasn’t so distraught about it either. Alison finally said “I’m Alison Brie, here to be the lead actress in your new show.”
Lots of thanks to give out for this one. First and foremost Demisword for being the most patient and understanding human on Earth, really thank you for waiting so long for me to get all five of these done. Secondly for all of my watchers/readers, you guys are the best and please keep commenting, those are what make me want to write the most! I'm going to be ending my cheap commissions because I obviously cannot handle getting them done in time, I'll be making a journal post and probably an entire deviation to tell what my plans and commission rules are. Thank you for all the support guys!
demisword Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Fantastic job! This story truly is a unique one. And no problem about the wait. You and I have had many commissions together and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. I wish you all the best in the future as I continue to watch your works.
Dartmuth Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, I tried to make the last of the five a solid story. Glad you like it and I'm always glad to do your stories!
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