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Sam's Diary: Entry 3 and 4 :icondartmuth:Dartmuth 4 0
Sam's Diary: Entry 1 and 2
Entry 1
January 9, 2016
    I've been debating whether I should and how I should start this diary for a couple days now, but being bedridden hasn't exactly left me with a ton of activities to do. I guess I'll try and write this like you don't know me just in case this gets discovered by some future generation with no idea who the great Samuel Spencer was (by the way everyone just calls me Sam). So sloppy introductions aside I guess I should get into the reason why I'm bedridden and all that jazz.
    It was the first of January, so a little over a week ago, and I was at a gas station convenience store getting some gas and a drink and my, and the poor cashier's, luck had apparently run a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶d̶r̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ ̶b
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 4 4
The Dreamcatcher Part 8 (TG Story)
      I froze, I didn't move at all. A boy was kissing me and I wasn't jumping away in revolt, I wasn't punching him, in fact I was kind of liking it. He pulled away, we were both completely red in the face. The air was heavy and silence wore on us. "Sorry... I didn't know if that was the right time but you're just too pretty." He said. My heart was in my throat and my stomach was all butterflies. This was just too much. "Don't be..." I said finally. We both started to grin slightly. "So, um..." he said as he shifted on the bed closer to me, "do you want to do it again?" I looked into his eyes and gave him a slight nod. He leaned in and so did I. There it was, the moment of no return. I was willingly making out with a boy on his bed. He was a bad kisser, but I didn't care. I was completely swept away with emotions and hormones. We slowly pulled away from each other and looked deep into each other's eyes. Then he kind of awkwardly winked at me, stood up and said, "You're
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 12 1
The Awakening Chapter Five
         "So this is me?" Chrissy said as she stared at herself in the mirror. She had been given a change of clothes from Dr. Troy and was now in her room's bathroom to get out of her hospital robe. Even without makeup she was beautiful, long silky black hair, gorgeous blue eyes, cute nose and flush lips; she was absolutely astonishing. She stood there in awe of her own body, but she noticed that she wasn't attracted to it. "Chris would've been drooling by now," she said with a soft chuckle, "I guess that kind of confirms it." She slowly slipped the gown off, not daring to look at her reflection. It wasn't that she was scared, but that she was still uneasy about looking at a body she didn't remember having. As the gown fell to the floor she immediately picked up the undergarments and slid them up her legs. Then came the bra, which was a bit of a different story. Now she had to actually touch herself, but not in some groping fashion like she did earlier. This w
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 5 0
Christina Hendricks TG
Jon was hunched over on his couch depressed. Not much had been going right, in fact, nothing had gone right. First his dog ran away, which he never much like, but he missed his company nonetheless. Then his wife left him out of nowhere. She claims there wasn’t another man involved, but Jon knows better. Then, to top it all off, when he went into work the next day he got fired because he was late due to his wife leaving him. So Jon, with nothing going right, sat on his couch just thinking about where he took the wrong turn on his life’s path. He decided to try and get his mind off the whole situation. “MAD MEN MARATHON! CATCH UP WITH THE WHOLE SERIES IN ONE SITTING!” the TV boomed. “Well I guess now’s a better time than ever to get into it…” he trailed off.
Jon watched the show, hours and hours passed. At first he wasn’t really watching it, just sort of background noise, but as time passed he got more and more involved. It was late
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 86 6
The Awakening Chapter Four
Chrissy awoke again, this time not to be greeted by her parents though. Dr. Troy was there though, waiting by the bed. “You really put on a show back there didn’t you?” Dr. Troy asked in a kind manor. “What did you do to me!?” Chrissy said filled with rage, but unable to move much due to the drug’s effects. “Well, we kept you here while you were in a coma after your accident. You really are a tough girl to come out with such minor injuries, your beetle not so much though,” Dr. Troy chuckled. “I’M NOT A GIRL, I’M A BOY AND I DON’T HAVE SOME STUPID BEETLE, I HAVE A MUSTANG,” Chrissy yelled at Dr. Troy. “I’m afraid you’ve had an extensive coma dream. In other words, you’ve lived an entire life in your head. I’m assuming hat all your memories and thoughts are of you being a boy and that you think that that’s your real life.” Dr. Troy explained calmly. “I… but
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 7 5
Ariel TG+TF
The wind was cool and fast at the shore. Zack was on vacation and walking along a beach one afternoon. It was a perfect afternoon for a walk, the sun was setting and the tide was high. Zack bounded with each step, dropping all of his force onto the wet beach sand. It’s was he liked to do, it wasn’t a brisk walk for exercise, he was walking to have a good time. The ocean seemed to sing to him, every time a wave crashed up it soothed him further. Zack needed, no deserved this vacation for all the hours he had been putting in. “I’ve got to do this more often,” he thought to himself. Just as he thought this though, an evil underwater witch caught sight of Zack alone on the beach. She was a crude, lonely witch in need of some excitement. She decided Zack would be her item of torment for now. With this decision she cast a spell on poor Zack.
Zack continued to walk the beach; unaware of his body’s changes once they began. His thighs began to shrink, and los
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 142 4
The Awakening Chapter Three
“She…” it echoed in Chris’ head. “I’m not a she.” “She has had massive trauma though and will most likely be in a state of shock.” He heard the doctor say. “It’s only going to be temporary hopefully though, it really depends on her will and acceptance of her life.” “Well she has been in a coma for a year, that makes sense I guess.” His father replied. “She… massive trauma… year coma!” Chris thought, then jumped up from his bed. He ripped out the needles in his body and in a blind frenzy jumped off his bed. His parents looked at him with a mouths ajar as they saw their child erupt from a year long slumber in such a way. Chris ripped at he bandaged on his head. “What are you guys talking about, who is this she?!” Chris yelled, not yet aware of his voice being different. “Honey, baby, are…” his mother began to cry, “are you okay?!” She r
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 6 0
Aly Michalka TG
The day was perfect, the sun was out, the weather was just warm enough for a great day at a lake, and the breeze was great. All the guys were centered on the girls and all the girls were just having fun. Mitch was just sitting under a tree in the shade, picking at grass while his friends went hopping into the lake. Mitch was a bit of a wallflower compared to his group of friends. He like relaxing in silence while they ran about and hopped into the late. He kind of wished he was more like them, more carefree. “I wish I could just forget about all my anxieties and nervousness and just run and hop into the lake with them. With that wish Mitch started to change. His body hair started to fall out. He looked in wonder as his hands shrank to a petite size and became dainty and feminized, and his arms slenderized while his shoulders cracked inwards and his whole body began to shrink as his chest started to develop two beautiful breasts. Then his stomach hardened into a sexy core while hi
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 57 2
The Dreamcatcher Part 7 (TG Story)
I wake up to my mother and sister hovering over me. “Finally the lovebird is awake.” My sister said with a wide grin. “I… I uh… I don’t know what happened,” I muttered as I rubbed my head. “Go on out honey and help move, I’ll take care of your little sister.” Said my mom. After my sister had left my mother and I talked about what had happened. “I just don’t know, he was so cute and then I…” I said. “Cute?! You think the boy is cute?” My eyes shot open, what had I just said?! I shook my head. “It’s okay honey, I’ve been noticing these things, you’re acting like a girl more and more. You like cute clothes, you were a natural at putting on makeup, and now you even like boys. It’s clear our entire reality has changed and not just your appearance.” My mother divulged to me. I just sat and thought to myself, “Mom, could you leave me alone for a little w
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 8 9
Chloe Grace Moretz TG
“Why don’t you mock me more?!” Mitch said aloud as he read news about Chloë Moretz. She was everything Mitch wanted to be. She was young, super attractive, had a career, was rich, and had a solid family that supported eachother. Mitch was barely eking by moneywise. He had already missed his teens, as he was in his 20’s now. He wasn’t ugly by any means, but Chloë was gorgeous. Finally, his family, they weren’t doing too good. His parents were distant not only from him, but also to each other. There was very little conversation between any of them. He just wished he could have her life. With that wish Mitch’s world would change just as he dreamed it. He closed his computer for the night and decided to get a good nights rest so he could get to work tomorrow on time.
Once Mitch dozed off, fantasizing about how great his life could be, the changes began. His whole body shrank, his hands and feet the most. His arms and legs smoothed out whi
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 72 6
The Dreamcatcher Part 6 (TG Story)
“Sis???” I thought to myself, “If I’m her sister, then that must be my brother.” “If she’s calling me sister, then she must not remember the change.” I said to my mother as we both stepped out of the car. My sister walked up and gave me a hug, she was taller than me, but by very little. She was gorgeous too, maybe even more so than myself. She pulled away and looked at me right in the eyes, “It’s been way too long little sis, really glad to see you!” then she kissed me on the cheek, “love you.” I tried my hardest to look happy, but I was still really confused inside. Then again I did feel this small bit of happiness growing deep down inside myself, filling me with warmness. It was a new relationship I’m in now, the one between sisters instead of brothers. She walked over to my mother and gave her a hug as well. “This is where we’re moving” she said as she gestured over to her house and
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 10 4
Lindsey Stirling TG
Ian was pumped for Lindsey Stirling’s concert. He came up to the crowd relatively early and got a really good spot near the front. Just as he got there a man came out on the stage and began to talk, “One you lucky dedicated fans are going to go back stage during Lindsey’s mid concert brake and meet her!” Ian never did really suspect that he’d get to go back due to his rather poor luck in life, but he was hopeful. It took quite a while for the rest of the crowd to show up, but when they did Lindsey showed up right on time. The concert began and so did Lindsey’s and Ian’s changes. Ian didn’t take notice of them due to their subtleness and the fact that he was listening to the music. Lindsey on the other hand was starting to notice her changes, like the fact she was getting taller and less feminine, she brushed them off as being sick. She continued to perform though, she didn’t want to ruin everyone’s nights because she was feeli
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 60 0
Zendaya Coleman TG
Jared sat around the house like he did every afternoon. Exhausted from a day at school he mindlessly changed channels on his TV. Eventually, when his thumb ached, he landed on Disney Channel. He remembered the old days when he loved to watch Disney and the other child shows. He wasn’t a huge Disney fan, but he did as just did now, mindlessly watch it with nothing else to do. Just as he tossed his remote down a new show started up. Shake It Up!, Jared had never heard of the show, but it seemed to fit the Disney mold. Cheesy jokes, hyperactive child stars, and a bit too much canned laughter. Nonetheless he watched it and eventually had the character’s names down. One character in particular, Rocky Blue, interested him. Maybe it was her appearance or her character, either way he like her. Just as Rocky struck a pose his screen paused. Jared tried to hit the play button on his remote, but it didn’t respond. Just then he noticed that his cable box’s clock ad stopped
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 43 5
The Dreamcatcher Part 5 (TG Story)
I sat in the car staring out into the world as it passed by. My mom had put on some music she enjoyed and seemed to be having a nice time driving, but I was off in another world. Everything was just white noise in the background. I wasn’t really thinking about anything in particular just the fact that I wasn’t myself anymore. I thought about how different my life would be and if there would ever be a way to turn back. My mother tried to make conversation and talk to me about my new life, but I just nodded and wondered off in my head. I just looked at myself and my mind would go adrift again. My mom finally snapped me out of it by saying that we were there. My heart stopped and then began to race. “What would my brother think, what would happen? Would he think I was a girl always or would he not recognize me? Even if we explained it to him would he understand and accept me as his new sister? Would we be as close as we were? My brother had always been my closest and my
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 11 0
The Dreamcatcher Part 4 (TG Story)
“What in the world?” I heard my mother say in the other room while I was still in the bathroom. She walked in with a little cute dress held out in her hands. “I don’t know what’s going on, but all of your clothes have changed, there are bras and panties in there too.” I looked back at her incredibly confused. “So wait, all my clothes are changed into girly clothes too, I wonder how far the effects of whatever’s happened have spread through my life?” I then ran to my bed and picked up my phone and sure enough the background wasn’t as I had left it, it was a pink background with a bow tied in the middle like a present. My mom picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt for me to wear along with some unmentionables. I thanked her and went to change. When I went into the bathroom this time I shut the door and locked it behind me. I was actually getting excited at the idea of seeing myself naked. I took off my clothes I had on and just
:icondartmuth:Dartmuth 10 0


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Dartmuth is back

Hello my name is Dartmuth. Some of you may remember me as TG-Stories711. I have been on a hiatus and not writing for a while now, but I am planning on keeping to a pretty constant posting schedule. My flagship story right now is The Awakening story, please give it a look!


Apr 28, 2017
2:06 pm
Apr 27, 2017
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Apr 26, 2017
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Apr 26, 2017
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Entry 3
February 1, 2016

    Okay so it's been a bit, but I didn't neglect writing because I forgot or anything. I just didn't have much to put down here until recently. I sure do now though... I guess it'd be best to begin from where my last entry ended at the 16th, but it'll definitely be pretty hard to pull that off after how much has happened recently. So last time I wrote I was only four days way from school starting up (I know my last one says a couple, but I had lost track of what day of the week it was after being locked up in the house for so long). The 16th through the 18th were about as lame as they could be because despite having my leg starting to feel better and start to not feel too bad (apparently I had gotten lucky with where the bullet went into my leg). They weren't lame because I had nothing to do, but all I did was worry 24/7. My mom could tell and I just told her it was school, but that was only about a fourth of it, my real worry was the doctor's confusing diagnosis and what that meant for me. I guess this would also be a good time to say that I had a massive appetite ever since I woke up in the hospital bed a month ago. I had kind of brushed it off as a side effect of the pain killers or of my body needing more energy to heal so I never found the need to write it down, but apparently it's a rather important thing. That will come up later, I just wanted to say that now before I get into the important stuff later. There was still nothing from the hospital over those days leading up to school.
    My first day of the new semester was pretty cool actually because a certain pretty cashier had ended up in my literature class. This was pretty massively surprising because she never said she was in the class when we met up and never texted me about it and she knew I was in it the whole time. I had hoped that maybe she was taking it because I was in it. Beverly was pretty as always and just having her sit beside me kind of cleared my mind. Well, at least until I remembered exactly who's DNA my stupid body is replicating. Then for the rest of the class I kept stealing looks at her, not to see how pretty she was, but to really examine her. I felt like I was some CSI guy looking over her, picking apart every detail of her being from her nails to her ears. She noticed I was looking at her eventually and gave me a coy little smile and that flustered me more than I'd like to admit to anyone other than this diary. The rest of my classes were sadly Beverly-less, but honestly that's probably best for my attention.
    My life went on day to day. Getting to know my teachers and fellow students and so on. Just settling in to another semester of college. Beverly's birthday was coming up really soon so I thought about getting her something, but ultimately decided not to because I thought it might be a bit too early to be buying her presents. In case you're reading this Beverly I'm sorry for not getting you anything, but hopefully you'll understand and won't be reading this after murdering me for leaving you gift-less. Anyway my life kept on relatively normally and I had officially stopped taking the pain meds on the 24th. My body still felt sore all over, but it wasn't so bad that I needed the meds and my leg was actually feeling almost fine.
    It wasn't until the 30th that anything of note really happened, but boy was it "of note." I got another call from my doctor at the hospital and he asked me to come in as soon as I could find time, but that it wasn't technically urgent. I called Beverly again in hopes she had time and luckily enough, despite her busy schedule, she had time to help me again. When we got there the doctor asked for her to leave the room again which didn't exactly help my anxiety. This time though he didn't look at me like I was some evidence in a case he was desperately trying to solve, he looked relatively composed which calmed my heart for the time being. He then asked me to step on a weight scale in the room which sounded pretty odd, but I didn't object. He took my weight and gave a nod and said it was just as he had expected. Then he came over to me as I sat down and placed his hand on my forehead, but he didn't just put it there, he then raised it up and pulled my hair back until his hand was resting on my forehead. He stood there staring at my head for a few seconds and then walked away back to his chair. He asked me if I'd felt overly hungry lately too and I told him that I'd been eating like crazy. He told me that I should prepare myself for some tough news and, I mean, fuck if I've ever been more scared my mind has blocked it out of my memory to protect me because that line shook me to my core. He then began to tell me exactly what he was checking on and why. That I had lost weight despite eating so much and that the roots of my hair had began to grow in black. I don't remember how long I just kind of sat there, but despite that news probably sounding pretty basic to most it stunned me. He then asked if I'd like to take an x-ray so that he could check on some things and so I agreed. The whole process flew by because I was kind of zoned out or maybe even in shock. When the scans came through he only looked at them for a brief moment and clearly had found what he was looking for. He turned it around and showed it to me and then pointed to my lower stomach area. I just kind of blankly stared at it until I heard him tell me what I really didn't want to hear. Apparently I had new organs growing inside of me. I have new fucking organs growing inside of me! Not only that, but there's only one organ system that differs between guys and girls, the fucking sexual organ system. The doctor was literally showing me that I have ovaries growing inside of me. This is so fucked. I'm getting a little upset writing this down as you can probably tell, but for fuck's sake guys aren't often told that their bodies are just up and growing a baby making factory.
    The doctor then gave me the scan and asked if I needed a moment, but I said it was alright (it wasn't, but I was definitely in shock at this point). He then told me that he had anonymously run this case by some people way up the ladder and said that with his findings today confirmed everything and could go ahead and tell me about what they said. Apparently because my case was so wild they would be willing to pay a pretty vast sum of money (including my medical bills) to oversee everything that happened from here on out. It was a pretty big offer, but he didn't sugar coat it. He told me that I would lose pretty much all body privacy whenever I came in for them to check up on me and that I'd have to let them keep tabs on me. The doctor almost seemed like he was trying to tell me not to do it with how many negatives he was listing off, but after all of that he told me that it would probably be the best decision of my life and he just wanted me to have all the information before making my decision. I said yes and so he told me that he'd have to get all the paperwork done and go ahead and tell them the full story, but that it should all be ready in a few weeks.
    Beverly had to leave because of how long I was there, but thankfully Michael was available to come by and pick me up. Whenever I got into the car with him he immediately told me I looked smaller. He said that not only did I look skinnier, but maybe even a bit shorter. I told him he was imagining things, but if anyone would notice my height it'd be him. We had argued over who was taller a number of times and are (well, were now I guess) pretty much exactly the same height. This didn't exactly relax me, but after everything I had heard it wasn't much of a surprise. He took me home without much else to say, but it was nice to catch up with him after not seeing him for so long.
    Thankfully it was a Saturday so I didn't have to worry about college in the morning, but I doubt I would've gone after everything I had just heard. If all of my rambling up above hasn't made it clear enough I'll try to summarize. I'm turning into Beverly Woodward. God that's so fucking weird to write. It doesn't feel real that's for sure. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and this will all be a dream, but every time I see this diary it kind of shocks me back to reality. Like for whatever reason this diary is the proof of my reality. That night I pretty much passed out and I didn't wake up till late morning the next day. I went into the bathroom first thing in the morning as I usually do and decided to really check myself out. I lifted my hair and sure enough my roots were black. You couldn't tell normally because my hair wasn't short enough, but they were definitely visible if you really looked. Then I took off all my clothes. I don't know what I expected, like if I took them all off I'd be some skinny stick, but thankfully that wasn't the case. I did seem a bit slimmer, but it looked more like I had gone on a diet than was transitioning to a skinny girl. I checked my height and it didn't really seem to be any shorter than usual, that was until I looked at the wallpaper behind my head and realized my head didn't quite reach the loop (if you've never seen my bathroom it's got a floral design) that it once did. I felt defeated, hell I still feel defeated. I called up the hospital and asked for the doctor to ask him about my condition. Once I got a hold of him I asked him if there wasn't any way I could get my body to start making my DNA again, but he just told me that that's going to be part of the study they'll be doing on me. I guess that makes sense. Not like there are a lot of documented cases of people changing into one another.
    Today's Monday and I'm writing this just after getting out of class. It was really hard to look at Beverly in a sexual way like I once had anymore. I mean sure, she was still crazy hot, but it's just not the same anymore. It's hard to explain because, again, I doubt this has ever really happened before. There aren't really any examples I can give to try and help others relate. I guess it'd be kind of like a lesbian looking at herself in the mirror. Like, yeah she's attracted to girls, but that doesn't mean she's attracted to herself. That's so weird having to use that as an example, but whatever I'm past the point of normal weirdness like that messing with me. Well honestly I don't know what else to write. I'm still kind of processing everything. I don't know how long it will be until I write another entry, but here's hoping I'll be writing in this tomorrow saying that the doctor called me up and told me I was hallucinating and everything's fine. Wouldn't that be great...

Entry 4

February 29, 2016

    Every fucking day just gets weirder and weirder. You know that whole deal where if you put a frog in boiling water it'll jump out, but if you slowly heat it the frog will just stay in and die eventually? If there's not a more accurate comparison with me then I don't know what is (I'll explain it a bit more later). Last time I wrote was a month ago and if it wasn't for my first examination (you know, from that whole thing the doctor talked about where they'd watch my progress and stuff) I'd probably still not be writing in here. I went the whole month pushing everything to the back of my mind and day to day I just drug myself out of bed without paying much attention to the mirror, but as it turns out, I'm changing quite a bit faster than the doc originally thought.
    I guess I should start from where I left off and work my way through my month instead of just rambling so here goes. After seeing that my body was already starting to get affected I decided to just stop looking (great decision right?). It's not like I was really thinking about it, but it just kind of happened. Every day I was in class with Beverly I couldn't bare to look at her anymore. At first it was how weird it was, but now something else entirely has developed. The guilt that rises up inside me that I haven't told her about this makes my heart race whenever I'm around her at all. I can't look her in the eye now at all and I fucking hate it. She was this shining light in my life and now every time I think about her I practically fall apart. FUCK THIS! It wasn't like my life was miserable before, but she's such an amazing person and she showed real interest in me and now all this shit is happening. It's like I'm not allowed to be happy.
    The other problem that was quickly arising was my parents. How the Hell am I supposed to keep this a secret from them for much longer? I've been doing alright and have deflected their concerns about my weight loss so far, but what happens when their son is a girl named Beverly? It's going to be kind of hard to brush them off them. I've thought about moving on to campus or something, but I don't know if running away from the problem will help. All I know is that I'm extremely thankful for this checkup thing the doctor set up because if what they're telling me is right I won't only be able to pay off all my medical bills myself without having to even tell my parents about it, but I should have enough money left to attend a nice college to finish my degree. It's nice to get some good with all this bad I guess.
    Anyway, a few weeks passed and the doctor called me up and told me everything was in order and that my first checkup was on the 28th. I think I got that call on the 21st so I had a week before I had to face the truth. I didn't think much of it and I kind of just let time pass by. The only time I ever even looked in the mirror was to make sure my new hair color wasn't showing. Honestly I wasn't that worried about most people seeing it, but if my parents or Michael saw it then I couldn't quite claim I had died my hair brown could I? I can't believe I never noticed anything different during those times, but I guess we see what we want to.
    It was the day of the check up and for the first time I really didn't know who to call. I had practically shut Beverly out so I couldn't bare calling her to help, Michael was clearly too observant because he noticed more than even my parents seemed to, but my parents think I'm done going to the hospital so I was out of options. I decided to walk to a bus stop and just take it there (something I had never done before). My parents weren't home so I managed to leave without having to make any excuses and I went on my way to the bus stop. The bus ride there was terrible. It wasn't because of any kind of problems with the bus or the people, but with myself. I got so anxious sitting in that seat than I may have ever been. It was Hell the whole time until I finally got out and went inside the hospital.
    My regular doctor was in the examination room, but then there were also two new faces that I had never met before. I don't know why, but I felt almost betrayed when I first saw them. I knew other people would have to be involved, but just the idea of anyone else knowing about my condition kind of scared me I guess. One was balding and the other had a beard. I can't really remember their names. I mean I still barely remember my own doctors name (it's Dr. Seirots, but I only learned to spell it this meetup so I never wrote it down). I sat down on the end of the exam table and they asked me a number of questions about how I've been feeling and so on. Most were pretty normal, that was until they got into this really weird line of questions that threw me off. One of the new doctors, the bald one, started asking me things about how I was thinking and feeling emotionally. I was so bewildered by the questions that it was only later that night that they really set in as to why he was asking them. Once the questions were done and I the doctors and I were at least a bit more familiar they started with the physical examination. I was asked to strip completely which was insanely embarrassing, but I guess it was to be expected. It wasn't until I was standing completely naked and saw my doctor's surprised face that I really took the time to look down at my own body. That was probably one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had. Just think, looking down and instead of seeing the old hairy and flat chest you're so used to, you're met with a hairless chest with two completely erect nipples sitting on top of a bit of extra flesh that's not supposed to be there. God I hope no one ever reads this, if Michael ever looked in here and saw me talking about my nipples being erect I doubt I'd ever live it down (note to self: hide diary better from here on out). All three of the doctors looked very surprised and took a few seconds to compose themselves and begin writing things down. I was asked to step on to the scale and as I walked past my doctor I could clearly tell I was no longer as tall as him. In fact, I was at least a full inch, if not more, shorter than him now. I stepped up on the scale and even I could tell how much lighter it felt to lift my body up. The scale worked with the weights at the top that the doctor or nurse would always move left and right until it balanced and my side didn't have the notches, but I could just tell by far to one side my doctor had to correct that I had lost a lot of weight. He gestured me back to the table and so I stepped off the scale and went back over. It was really weird feeling my legs and my genitals move around. If I wasn't so afraid to look (I've looked since) I'd be staring down and examining myself to see exactly what's changed down there (I'll explain more later). The doctors then began to take measurements of my body. My arm length, leg length, and worst of all they even had me take my penis and sit it in my hand to get a proper measurement of it (now I've explained). I didn't know my arm or leg length, but there were two measurements that I immediately knew were shorter than they used to be. My height and, regrettably, my penis had both shrunk. I had never done an exact measurement of either, but it was clear that I was about an inch and a half to two inches shorter than I used to be and my privates had shrunken (I'll keep the exact numbers of that to myself). Afterwards they began to feel my joints and my muscles. I remember how odd it felt to have their rough skin against mine, but that's exactly when it hit me. I hadn't really been able to tell, but my skin was clearly much smoother than it had used to be. Once they were done with all that they took a few pictures and then sent me on my way.
    I rode the bus back home and it was entirely different experience. I don't think I've ever really had to use this word, but I felt vulnerable. I had only lost a couple inches off my height and some weight, but my brain was practically screaming "BE AFRAID" the whole ride home. The news of everything I had learned in the exam surely wasn't helping, but it was clear that something internally had changed. I guess that might be what the balding doctor was getting at with those questions. Now that I think about it I wonder if my brain is already doing weird shit that I'm not even aware of. This just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? I'll leave that thought for a later day though. That night when I got home I practically ran up to my room so my mom nor my dad could see me. I had been so dumb to think that they wouldn't notice because it was absolutely clear to me how huge the changes had been. In only two months I had lost two inches or so and it felt like it was going faster and faster. If that was any indication I would be about Beverly's height in only another three to four months. I rationed that out that night and realized I had to get a good look at myself right then and there. I stripped down in my bathroom and examined myself and boy was I in for a surprise. I had gone from nearly six feet tall to only about five feet ten inches, but that wasn't the real problem. I had lost at least twenty pounds. I was too scared to ask for my weight when I was at the hospital, but I really wish I had because guessing at weights like I am now isn't doing much to help my sanity. After seeing the huge changes like that properly I moved on to the next most obvious change, my chest. I rested my hand right below my nipple and though it was incredibly faint, I could clearly feel some flesh building up there. I was growing boobs. I moved my hand to my newly enlarged nipples, but right before I could touch them there was a knock on my door. My mom was really concerned about me and wanted to know if everything was okay. I tried to yell back that I was fine, but as soon as I tried to say fine my voice cracked. I was nineteen and my fucking voice cracked. I ended up getting her to go away, but it was very clear to me that I couldn't hide this from her especially for any longer. I had a confession in the very near future. I slid my underwear back on and immediately got into bed, but even that was weird. I typically wore pajamas, but because of the events last night I just wanted to be covered up as quickly as possible. My skin rubbing against the covers though was yet another new experience I would have to deal with. It was kind of arousing in a weird way, but I'll stop it there because I've still got so much going on in my head.
    I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and chose the baggiest clothing I had available. After school today I got home and immediately started writing so here I am. I haven't had much time to just think. Oh also, Beverly was absent from class for the first time today. I doubt I could've even sat in the same room with her now though knowing that her boobs are growing on my chest. God this is so weird. I plan on telling everything to my parents really soon and maybe Beverly, maybe not I don't even know anymore. I might just drop that class and avoid her until I can do something to make myself look different from her. Just got a text from her actually and she says she wants to talk. I guess I should probably stop live writing things as they happen, but I'm really scared now about what she wants to talk about. If she found out about what's going on and wants to kill me then I guess this diary will be my last message to the world. 
    "To all readers of my diary: First off, how dare you read my diary, that's hella rude. Secondly Michael, this whole DNA switching thing doesn't count I was and always will be taller than you. Thirdly, Mom, Dad, and everyone else who loved me and I loved, I'm really scared right now about what's happening to me and I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you something sooner." 
    That got a little darker than that joke was intended to, for whatever reason I'm finding it easier and easier to get emotional these days...
Sam's Diary: Entry 3 and 4
Hope you enjoy parts three and four. I'll try to keep posting them this quick, but I'm not making any guarantees.

Entry 1

January 9, 2016

    I've been debating whether I should and how I should start this diary for a couple days now, but being bedridden hasn't exactly left me with a ton of activities to do. I guess I'll try and write this like you don't know me just in case this gets discovered by some future generation with no idea who the great Samuel Spencer was (by the way everyone just calls me Sam). So sloppy introductions aside I guess I should get into the reason why I'm bedridden and all that jazz.
    It was the first of January, so a little over a week ago, and I was at a gas station convenience store getting some gas and a drink and my, and the poor cashier's, luck had apparently run a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶d̶r̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶d̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶n dry. As I picked out a beverage from the glorious wall of cold refreshments a man barged into the store with a pistol in hand and took aim at the cashier. This wasn't exactly how I had hoped my evening would go so I was reasonably distraught and immediately crouched down to where only my eyes and a tuft of brown hair poked over the aisles. He looked pretty normal stature wise and I think my attempt to sum him up was my first mistake looking back now. As you can imagine by how I'm bedridden and that there's a gun in my little story something rather unfortunate occurs between my time in the convenience store and now. I, being the testosterone pumping 19 year old guy, saw the ̶h̶o̶t poor cashier and decided it was time to play hero. I ran up to guy and hit his gun arm upwards to knock it away from the cashier and sure enough he fired through all those poor, innocent lottery tickets. After the shot went off my blood was pumping so fast I don't remember much, what I do remember though was a bullet entering my thigh and the guy running off. Then, what is most ingrained in my mind from that night, was laying on that cold floor feeling my blood rush out of my leg. Honestly the last thing I remembered from that night was staring up at the adorable cashier looking over me with the most worried eyes I had ever seen.
    After all that happened I woke up in an empty hospital room. It was the day after and I distinctly remember feeling like absolute hell. A nurse walked by my room and saw that I was awake so she came in and began to talk to me about what had happened. Apparently after I had passed out the ambulance showed up and the cute cashier was still sitting with me (score!). According to the nurse the cashier was really insistent on going with me to the hospital and offering her blood as a donation. Long story short the cashier was actually in nursing school and had done some knowledge about blood types and just in case I was O- (which can only receive from other O-s) she wanted to be there because she knew how much of a shortage there could be of that blood type. Luckily (or in reality kind of unluckily) I was in fact O- as well and of course the hospital was essentially out of O- and barely had enough to keep the cashier from having to have a brief stint in the hospital with me because of all the blood she would have had to give. I had remained unconscious the entire night and most of the morning on the 2nd and the nurse said that not only did my parents come by, but so did the cashier (oh crap I just looked back over this and realized I've been saying the cashier the whole time. The nurse told me her name was Beverly Woodward.).
    I spent the rest of that day and next two days at the hospital because apparently the bullet had to be surgically removed and they needed me to wait around a little while to make sure everything was done right and no problems would arise, but I still think it's just to squeeze more money out of my parents and their insurance I was on. Most of my time there was spent on my phone and talking to friends and family that came by to see me. Them, and the cops. I'll be damned if the cops didn't have a thing for seeing me in that hospital bed because it seemed like every few hours one of them would stop by to say hey and ask me the same damn questions again. "what did he look like?" "how tall was he" and my personal favorite that only one rather odd investigator (I think his name was Investigator Crowder or something I can't really remember now) "what did he smell like." Funnily enough I did actually remember that better than anything else (he smelled like a construction worker for those wondering). Apparently throughout those two days Beverly (the cashier) had been crazy busy with work and school and the police as well so she couldn't come by to see me, but she did text me and tell me she wanted to meet up when I was feeling up to it and she had the time. Kind of disappointing I know, but it gave me something to look forward to at least. School would be starting back for me in a couple weeks and I had a whole in my leg so I wasn't exactly stoked for the immediate future.
    On the morning of the 5th I was finally able to go home and lay down in my own bed, but now I was on prescription pain killer which made me feel distinctly more out of it than the morphine at the hospital I was using so I can't really tell you much about the 5th and 6th. It was by the 7th that I realized I was taking a double dosage of the pain killers (which kind of scared me because I knew how addictive they could be). On the 7th was the day that writing a diary finally struck me as a fun idea. I had one when I was really young and wrote in it for a few weeks, but lost interest and ended up putting it away and only found it just that day when I was looking for something to read. Looking through what eight year old me thought was important was actually pretty cool. My different values on life and just how I lived each day was so radically different it really shook me up (though I'm sure the painkillers didn't help with this) so I started thinking about writing a diary (obviously I decided to act on that thought). On the 8th most of what I did was watch TV and keep up with people through Facebook and such. Times like these made me regret not having a gaming system or even a computer anymore.
    All that brings us to the 9th (today as of writing this) and it's been pretty uneventful. Pretty much just the 8th, but more painful. You see I decided that because I took too many painkillers early on I should take less at some point and so I thought that I should give taking none that day a try. Sure enough my leg hurt pretty bad, but my pain tolerance was actually pretty high after a rather rambunctious childhood filled with plenty of injuries. One thing I noticed that was rather concerning though was that it wasn't just my leg that hurt. I mean, for sure my leg hurts way more, but the rest of my body feels kind of sore. Kind of like I had just done a full body workout AND come down with the flu at the exact same time. It definitely isn't a good feeling, but I can deal with it. I just hope it doesn't turn out that I've come down with something...

Entry 2
January 15, 2016

    Well I guess technically diary entries don't have to be any certain length apart. Sorry my future self/future readers for not writing for a bit, but I've actually had quite a lot going on lately to the point where I didn't really feel like writing in my diary until now. So last time I talked to you was the 9th and quite a bit has happened. First of all I talked to Beverly some more through texts and she actually had a big slot of free time on the 12th so she said she would come over to my house so that we could finally talk. This was awesome news, having a cute girl come over after spending so long just laying around couldn't have been much better in all honesty. I decided ahead of time that that would be my next time to go without pain killers because I didn't want to be all loopy with her there. I spent the rest of the 10th and 11th just lazing around the house and that full body pain I was talking about sure hadn't gone away, but I was taking the pain killers as soon as I woke up so it wasn't too bad.
    Then came the 12th and sure enough Beverly showed up right when she said she would. She was absolutely stunning. I couldn't believe how much nicer she looked after just getting out of the store's uniform and letting her hair down. She was hot before, but now she was one of the prettiest women I had ever seen. For sure the prettiest I had ever seen face to face. Despite her almost scarily good looks she was the sweetest and most sociable girl I had ever talked to. Not only that she was smart too. I knew you had to be at least kind of smart to be a nurse, but it was clear she could go on to be a doctor if she wanted to. Gushing over her body and brains aside we had a nice little conversation and she gave me a rundown of exactly what happened after I kind of got lost in the moment and, you know, shot. Apparently after the first shot he elbowed me in the face (I guess that explains the bruise on my nose) and I almost fell back off him, but managed to yank back towards him and slam his head on the counter. That was when he shot the second time and hit my leg, but according to her I didn't react and kneed his arm into the counter so that he dropped his gun. After that he got loose of me and ran out and that's when I kind of came to again to see her kneeling over me. She definitely thought what I did was reckless and silly, but appreciated it deeply nonetheless.
    We kept on talking and I found myself getting lost in her blue eyes a number of times, but she did that cute thing when girls pull their hair behind their ears to get it out of their face a few times because her black hair was thick it came loose and fell forward a lot. It was kind of like talking to my fantasy girl. Big blue eyes with long thick black hair was the best combo in my opinion no matter what my dullard of a friend Michael says about blue eyes and blonde hair. Afterwards we just talked about our lives and college. Apparently we both went to the same college, but because she was in the nursing program and a year below me we didn't have any classes together. As time went on we actually started to get kind of personal in our conversation and for the sake of her privacy I'll not write much of what we talked about in here, but it kind of seemed like she was coming on to me a bit by asking about whether I had a girlfriend or not and how busy my schedule was going to be this semester. Anyway after a while she had to leave and I was left alone again.
    The 13th showed up and the hospital gave me a call asking about how I was feeling. I gave them a brief description of my leg, but then when I told them about my full body pain they acted a bit concerned and said I should come in as soon as I could. This scared me a bit, but I had hoped it was just because they wanted to make sure I wasn't getting sick at the same time as I was heeling from my gunshot wound. I had my mom drive me in and surprisingly enough we didn't have to wait but for a few minutes until a nurse came in to take some blood and she scurried off as quickly as she came it. We waited for a while while the blood was tested apparently and then in came the doctor. He gave me a peculiar look, like I was hiding something from him or that I was a part of a mystery he was trying to solve. He sat down in his chair and flipped through his clipboard and then asked me if I'd be okay with giving another blood sample and, not seeing any issue with that, went ahead and let them (despite my mom worrying that I might not have enough blood to give, classic over protective mothers). The doctor went out into the hallway and gave the blood to a nurse, but came back into the room to continue his examination. He went about the standard procedure, checking my ears and throat and so on. It was only after another twenty minutes or so that the nurse came back in with another clipboard and handed it to the doctor. He looked over it like he was reading the newspaper until he got to the second page. His eyes betrayed his calm composer and showed that he was rather surprised. The weirdest thing was that he told us that nothing seemed wrong and that I should be fine, but then after that he told me to keep my phone nearby just in case something came up. Now I was properly freaked. Why should I keep my phone by me if everything's fine. It's just a gunshot, we're not dealing with a virus or anything I thought.
    My mom took me back home and got back into my routine of wasting away on my bed and the couch for the rest of that day and the next day entirely. That brings us to today, or at least to the 15th of January. This morning I got a call from the hospital again and they asked me to come in as soon as I could for a meeting. Not a check up, but a meeting. Instead of getting my mom to drive me I got really freaked and asked Michael if he could drive me, but of course he was busy. That's when I remembered that Beverly had a car and that she could drive me so I gave her a call and thankfully she was free for a little bit and agreed to give me a ride to the hospital. Once we got there she was asked to wait outside the room because apparently this was some serious patient-doctor confidentiality deal. The doctor looked pretty intense, but it didn't look like he was about to tell me I was dying or anything. He let out a long sigh and gave me a dead on look. I'm not sure about everything he said otherwise I'd just quote him. It was a lot to take in and I'm still trying to process it (writing this diary is actually helping), but I'll try me best to put it into writing. From my understanding my body is now no longer creating new cells with my DNA, but instead is making new cells using Beverly's DNA because of all the blood she donated to me. For some reason that not even the doctor can explain my cell production centers have stopped making new cells with my DNA and are using hers instead and because of this all of my new cells that are supposed to be making up my body (not just blood cells, but everything apparently) are essentially her cells. The doctor told me all of this and then took a long pause while I'm sure I looked dumbfounded in front of him. I mean sure, I'm no idiot, but what the hell is that supposed to mean? And so I asked him what all of that meant and he gave me one of those "well"s, you know the ones, the ones where people are about to kind of ramble on with some explanation that they're just guessing at. He told me he didn't really know what it all meant and that he'd never even heard of something like this before. He tried to give a guess though and it was rather wild to hear. According to him my body might continually replicate her cells and that apparently because of its rapid reproduction rate (he said that typically it'd take about 7-10 years to fully replace all the cells in a body, but that apparently my body's cell replication was in overdrive due to this abnormality most likely) every cell in my body might be identical to hers in under a year. This didn't really scare me that much at first until I began to think about cells as more than just my blood cells. I asked him if that meant I'd just be her in a year and he didn't really have an answer, but said that jumping to conclusions and scaring myself wouldn't help me at all and that I should just go home and try to get my leg healed up for now while they looked more into it.
    I walked out of the room with this rather ominous news hanging over my head and when I saw Beverly I couldn't help but look at her face in a different way now. She asked me what happened and I just said it was some technical stuff about my leg. I don't know if she's that perceptive after only knowing me for a few days, but she definitely looked like she saw right through me. She drove me home and here I am now. I told my mother I had just gone on a drive with a friend so I could get out and she seemed to buy it. As I write this my heart keeps beating faster at the thought of what my future could hold. I mean, three weeks ago I was enjoying Christmas with my family and now for all I know I might just end up being a different person in a year. It's a lot to take in, but honestly I'm really happy I started this diary. Putting all this in writing is helping a lot and I'm looking at it all a bit more clearly now. School starts in a couple days so I guess I'll have that to worry about anyway.
Sam's Diary: Entry 1 and 2
Hey everybody. To my faithful few reading this I'm doing alright, but a lot has happened and I mean a lot. To others who haven't ever kept up with my journal entries don't bother, they're not terribly interesting, just me complaining. To everyone: I hope you enjoy this series I'm working on. I've written this pretty informally to emulate what a 19 year old's diary would look like, but at the same time I tried to make sure there weren't any spelling errors. If there are let me know and I'll try to correct them.

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